Strategy description

SPORT StrategieThe SPORT strategy stands for "Simple Predefined Open Range Trading" or, correspondingly, "Simple predefined trading from the opening".

This strategy is an evolved simple breakout strategy. It is characterized by clearly defined entrances, stops and destinations.
Although it doesn't appear to be, essential behaviors of the larger market participants flow into this strategy. 

The strategy is based on the assumption that within the first 60 minutes of regular trading hours
a) signs a trading range for the rest of the day and
b) the basic directional tendency becomes foreseeable.

Accordingly, we set the upper limit and the lower limit in this time window.

If either the previously specified upper or lower limit is crossed after the time window has expired, this triggers a purchase or short sale for the daily setup.

If the upper limit is crossed from bottom to top, a buy signal is generated. As a result, the lower limit becomes the stop loss limit and the upper limit plus the difference (upper limit-lower limit) becomes the take profit limit.

If the lower limit is crossed from top to bottom, a sell signal is generated. As a result, the upper limit becomes the stop loss limit and the lower limit minus the difference (upper limit-lower limit) becomes the take profit limit.

This is simply the current trading strategy.

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Risk Disclosure

Trading in financial products like futures, forex or cfds carries a high level of risk and is not suitable for every investor.An investor may lose more than the capital he has invested. Only risk capital should be used for trading , or parts of the risk capital.Risk capital is money which, if lost, does not change the financial situation or have any influence on life. A performance achieved in the past is no guarantee for future profits. Part of our business is our intention to show chances and possibilities using tradingsystems generated by algorithms and history based patterns.
Hypothetical performance disclosure:
Hypothetical performance resluts have many inherent limitations, some of which are described below. The acount's reported results may differ materially in gains and losses. One of the limitations of hypothetical results is tgat they are based on know historical data. Furthermore, hypothetical tradin does not involve financial risk - no hypotheticla track record can represent the financial risk of actual trading. For example, there is the possiblility tthat trading can be suspended or discontinued in the event of losses, which could significantly alter the actual results. Furthermore, there are numerous other factors which cannot be fully taken into account in the hypotheticla performance of a trading program and which can therefore influence the actual results.
Disclosure of customer satisfaction:
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